Various kinds of beautiful packaging materials that can be set to our ultrasonice packaging machines are available, such as nylon mesh, non-woven filter, biodegrable filter, string-tagged nylon roll filter and coffee drip bag filters, etc.

Filter for teabags

Nylon Mesh image Nylon mesh
Non-woven fabric image Non-woven fabric
Heatro Paper image Heatro paper

String-tagged fitler

Filters can be attached by printed tag design to make your tea bag more special. Tagged materials can be ordered by special tag design and bag size as the table below.

string-tagged fitler image
string-tagged fitler details


Tag design is also important factor to have tea bags look impressive. We can also supply the tags printed in your own design besides our standard ones.

Standard designs image Standard designs
Original printing image Original designs
繝秋ang tag image Hang tag
Cup Tag iamge Cup tag

Biodegradable filters

Biodegradation filter the biodegradation filter is currently in process of development. It is more environment friendly and higher added-value. The filter is made of plant starch and can be is biodegradable into water and carbon dioxide.

Biodegradable filters,ecology

Filters for drip coffee

Filters for drip coffee very unique and latest style of coffee bag. This type of coffee bag has clips that can hold on the side of cup while the boiled water is poured into the cup thru the filter. In this design, the consumer can carry wherever and whenever they would like to and enjoy the real coffee potion by potion very easily.

Filters for drip coffee image

Eco-packaging expands in Morocco

NASA opens a new bio-mesh source near customers in Europe and worldwide.

Tokyo, January 2010 -- NASA Corporation announces expanded production of tagged biodegradable mesh for tea bags at our new factory in Morocco. That means faster, more flexible, more economical supply of eco-friendly filtering materials to Europe and worldwide -- meeting growing demand for “greener” tea packaging.

Eco-packaging expertise

Specializing in food processing and packaging machinery, NASA Corp. responds to growing worldwide demand for ecological packaging and renewable resources. We have long supplied high-quality biodegradable materials to work with our tea bag packaging machines.

Sustainable corn resources

Since corn is an abundant renewable resource, corn plastic packaging is expected to become the world standard in the near future. Anticipating this trend, NASA Corp. has advanced swiftly into production of 100% biodegradable and compostable PLA (polylactide) plastic mesh made from cornstarch. This resembles regular tea bag mesh, yet composts in approximately 30-45 days.

Near customers worldwide

Now, our Morocco plant can produce tagged bio-mesh rolls for Europe and world markets — easily, efficiently, and economically. Moreover, Morocco has completed Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with the USA, EU, EFTA, and Turkey, etc., and is a GSTP participant, which will make shipments and custom formalities more efficient and economical.

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